Autonomous robots for healthy oceans

Building the world’s most sophisticated underwater drone.

01 – Our Robot

01 – Our Robot

Our Robot

Designed from the ground up to autonomously inspect, map and clean the hull of a boat without a human operator present. Hullbot stops the growth of marine organisms, improving performance and extending time between haul-outs.

Our robots are now live in action in Sydney Harbour.
Full bottom view of Hullbot, rotating cleaning brushes, propulsion system, hull scanning sensors

Controlled Clean

Our robot’s advanced cleaning system is capable of providing variable cleaning pressure for a range of fouling - from slime to early stage heavy growth.

Hullbot cleaning brushes closeup

Integrated vision system

Our robot’s integrated cameras let it know where it is and where it needs to go underwater. It is also able to do inspections and 3D mapping.

Hullbot camera and sensor array closeup

Autonomy First

Hullbot provides owners with a perfectly clean hull and peace of mind. The robotic system is designed to clean your boat every day so that the hull always has optimal performance. Regular cleaning keeps the hull free from slime, weed and shell.

Hullbot propulsion system closeup

Solving the ocean’s biggest problems with robotics

02 – About Us

02 – About Us

Driving change,

Co-founder inspecting 3D printed Hullbot chassis with engineers
A wet Hullbot on the side of the dingy after testing
Hullbot engineer wiring up components
Hullbot engineer installing electronics inside chassis
Hullbot engineer installing electronics inside chassis

We’re a rapidly growing team of engineers, designers, and product specialists on a mission to improve the quality of life on and under water.

Intelligent cleaning for smart boat owners