Our technology

The intersection of the ocean and technology

Low-cost hardware, modularity, and a platform architecture are core to our technology roadmap. Our agile robotic platform will improve ocean health.

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Our robot

Hull cleaning on autopilot

Our patented system puts hull-cleaning on autopilot. Designed from the ground up to autonomously inspect, map and clean the hull of a boat without a human operator present.

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An underwater view of a Hullbot being launched into the water.

Active programs

One technology for an ocean of uses

One technology. Many applications. We’re already helping private boat owners, businesses, and research organisations utilise our robots to solve real ocean problems.

Private Hull Cleaning

Our private hull cleaning program is for boat owners in Sydney who are interested in our technology and want to be among the first to experience it.

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Partnerships & Research

Our technology is being actively trialled in real-world applications across commercial and research opportunities.

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